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Hotchkis 19110 Springs - Not all the same

Hotchkis came out with springs for the 10 camaros pretty early on and gave them part number 19110. partly into the 10's, GM redesigned the isolator and the Hotchkis springs no longer worked. They then relabeled the 19110 kits to 19110-BC. (this is well known on the boards, i have found) Now, the redesigned springs work with both isolators and are part number 19110. problem here is, if you buy a set of new old stock of 19110 you have no idea which kit you have (new or old design)

I recently had this dilemma and it turns out i got some old 19110 springs and was told by hotckis to just go buy the black isolators. found that the part number had been changed to the new isolators and i was stuck, in addition to that i didn't want to go backwards. Luckily (sarcasm), Hotchkis sold me a set of fronts so i can have the updated / correct spring. I really hope these springs are fantastic because i'm now into them pretty deep.
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