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Originally Posted by 10 2SS/RS 6M View Post
All the new bushings are installed and greased with the installation lube, there was NO movement once new bushings were installed, it was after I greased them is when I started having the toe issues, and still no movement.
I did notice some of the grease working it's way out after a couple days or so after I greased them that is when I started having the toe problems, there was also no movement either then, if It starts to happen again I'm really going to start digging deeper, but it all looks good.
I want to mount a camera under there to see what's happening if it does it again, due to it only happening when there's a load= forward acceleration or down shifting. I will definitely let you know if the problem persist and find out what is causing it if it starts happening again, thanks.
Definitely keep me updated and we will work to get everything figured out so you are happy with everything.
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