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Since there's no Utah dealerships there I guess I'll give my one and only experience. I took my 2013 1LT to the only dealer for 50 miles because I was getting a random sound coming from the engine area. I bring it in and while the guy's getting my information I mention that I have a cold air intake but my issue was present before that was added and he says the because of the intake they can't perform any warranty work at all, not even the other reason I was there, my rubber door trim was abnormally worn towards the middle and coming off.

I can understand not touching it if the issue was with my cold air intake, or cause by it, but they refused to even look at it unless i wanted to pay.

Without any info to back up my belief that it shouldn't matter unless the intake caused the problem I drove home, removed the cold air intake and installed the factory intake and drove back. Not difficult but it wound up taking me 45 minutes.

In summation, I wouldn't say they're a stealership or a dealership, more just neutral. They didn't rip me off but it was still annoying and frustrating to say the least.

Added 10/31/13:
I'm editing my earlier review of the St George Utah Steven Wade Chevy dealership. They are completely incompetent. 3 weeks ago last Saturday, 4 weeks in 2 days, I brought my Camaro in and one of the things was because the door trim was coming off in a no user wear and tear related way. They said they would have to order it and it would take about a week. Still nothing.

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