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The black/white car is a V8 auto. There were two there for us to drive. We saw a thrid on the grounds. They are early mules (IVER cars) with roughed in interiors. These are the cars we've been seeing spy pics of.

There were 4 production intent cars there for us to see - red, black, silver, and a 4th color we were told not to disclose. Nearly production ready interiors. They have some minor things to tweak still. To give you an idea of the details sweating, one of the items left to address is the feel and action of the radio controls.

The V6 production intent car is the only of those 4 we got to drive.

The fit, finish, materials - all were superb to me.

The tallest in our group is 6'2". He had no issues fitting in and being comfortable.
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