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Originally Posted by Rucom197 View Post
Looking to stop the wheel hop what do you guys think?
The root cause of wheel hop is the IRS twisting in the sub-frame. Followed by changes in toe as the bushings in the OEM toe link compress and decompress. Third on the list is the same issue of compressing and decompressing bushings in the trailing arms. Those are 'mechanical' causes of wheel hop. In an IRS vehicle alignment is critical for wheel hop free launches as are the tires and launch / driving style.

Before you buy any parts, it would be beneficial to walk through your vehicle and your expectations for performance.

What is your RWHP?
What wheels and tires are you running?
When is wheel hop an issue for you? At the track? On the street?
Are you lowered?
What other suspension modifications have you made?
Do you know your alignment specs?
What are your tire pressures?
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