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Originally Posted by 2SS45th View Post
Definitely not...
Ok. You are saying that power is the ultimate limiter on stress concerning the cylinder walls, crank, rods. Ok. I'll buy it. Now, let's talk about pre-ignition, hot spots,etc. you show me how you compress air without heating it up as you increase pressure...
I'm not understanding how you figure it isn't best to have a more efficient air pump before adding boost?
The less you heat the charge, the less chance of chaos. There is no free lunch on a restricted platform like this. Huge intercoolers block more radiator flow, and pre-heat it. Now the coolant runs hotter, as do the jackets, and cylinders,etc.
Never mind the added load of having to soak up more heat because of the extra power.
That's all we are saying. Why run 15lbs of boost and the headaches it creates, when you could improve your air pump to only need 8psi to reach your power goals?
I've dealt with a ton of turbo builds, and I know more boost always looks cheaper and easier, but never is!
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