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Originally Posted by Ultimate Performance View Post
When you put the shifter in M(sport mode) it will shift by itself. Once you put the shifter in M(sport mode), click the + paddle and you are then in control of shifting the transmission.

I think that's what you're asking[/QUOTE

I would also like to add, once you touch the tap shifters in M- Sport mode (it switches you over to manual mode). You must now shift the car yourself until you move the shifter back up to D (regular drive).

When I'm done using the paddle shifters, I move the shifter quickly up to D and then back to M (Sport mode). I pretty much use M (Sport mode) for most of my daily driving. I rarely use the paddle shifters. But sometimes the paddel shifters are fun to play with. I also like using the paddle shifters when I want to hold first gear when rolling slowly off the line.

And make sure you time the shifts properly when using the paddle shifters. There's a slight delay on the shifts so you can end up hitting the fuel cut off/redline if you're not paying close attention to your rpms.
What do you gain by driving in sport mode?
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