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Originally Posted by mkorgan View Post
if the conditions effected the time they should have waited for a better day. They were over there long enough for goodness sake. I bet if you put truth serum in the GM engineers and Mark S., I bet they were hoping for better. They post that time in those conditions because that was the best they could get. Sorry, if conditions were a negative impact, they should have ran on a better day. This was a very big deal.
How long were they there, do you know?

A test like this was done probably over 3 days. The logistic involved is daunting. They have to fine tune the car and monitor every change to make it the best on the last day and it was raining. Sorry but that's life...they probably extented it for another day but it wasn't better.

They had a specific time frame and had to deal with the weather.

Everyone hopes for is what it is when it was done.

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