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I think the embroidered console top and wheel caps are kind of cool, but those emblems just look like when ricer kids put the GT-R badges on their Honda Civics.

Also, still no glossy stripes? So it isn't the right color of yellow, the stripes aren't the right shininess or length.

Not for me. I am sure GM will sell some to some die hard people. But what I am most worried about is crooked/misinformed dealers. Here's what I mean.

customer: "So this bumblebee package will make my car look exactly like Bumblebee out of the movie?"

salesman: "Yep. Sign here please."

On a somewhat positive note though, it is actually a pretty good deal for that package. I mean rally stripes by themselves are like a $500 option, and embroidering isn't cheap so I don't think GM is making a ton of money off of this package. It is just a neat option for transformers fans to consider. And I think that A LOT of people would have never considered this car until they saw the transformers movies.

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