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Originally Posted by NightmareZL1 View Post
It's the tires.
If you look at the twisty sections, the Z28 rips through about 10 mph faster with no tire squeal. watch the same section with the ZL1 and you will hear some super stressed out tires.

The Zl1 pulls 10 to 12 mph faster in long straight, but loses alot of time in quick tight turns.

Someone that tracks the ZL1 on here has said that the michelin pilot super sports give him 3 seconds faster times than the goodyear stock tires. And all of us that have pushed the zl1 know that out tires fail us way before the brakes and chasis do.

Put the same times on the Zl1, and watch it crush that Z28 lap time.
Poor z28 fan boys, so sad

I got banned form the Z28 forum for telling those "HIGHLY INTELLIGENT LOGICAL AND SOUND MINDED PEOPLE" that the z28 wouldnt do better than a 7:37. I love being right. They had dreams of 7:22's and beating the Z06, and no amount of logic or intelligent thinking could convince them otherwise. Finally, here is the track time for the dreamers to eat with their mouths full of foot.

Watch the ZL1 and Z/28 overlay video. The ONLY part of the track where the ZL1 out runs the Z/28 is on the long straight, where everyone and their mother knew it would. In the beginning, the Z/28 instantly started putting ground on the ZL1 and gained a huge margin. Al says they can get it down to 7:31.XX and I believe him. I doubt adding tires and brakes would shave 10 seconds off the ZL1 time.
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