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Originally Posted by SSE 4 2SS View Post

Tomorrow Chris, from ProEFI is coming to the shop to help Corey with the final set-up and tuning of Brandi's ProEFI system...

There are some current upgrades and items we'll be installing and other goodies to make it all work together...

There is a new CAN display that I'll be getting as well...

I'll be heading to BlackJack speed shop probably monday to get the new tire mounted... I was headed that way yesterday, had the wheel and tire off the car and in the truck, but it got to late and jet lag was catching up to me, so I decided to wait...

I also need to meet up with Pete for an alignment... Maybe monday or tuesday... Where will be decided by availability of an alignment rack...

It's coming together, but why is it always a thrash right at the end to get everything ready... lol... oh well... If all else fail's, I'll put the car on the trailer and throw hte clothes in the back, and head out... Some of my priority list has gone by the wayside... I'll take care of registration stuff after the mile... Most probably wont be driving her on the street before then anyways...
Hey Bud, speaking form experience getting race cars ready.......................there never really ready there is always some little thing to do. Good Luck.

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