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Here are my observations after taking the car for a 20 mile cruise on several different roads.

Any road that had an obvious crown to the left the car would go straight. Any road that looked to have no or very minimal crown, the car would veer right.

On twisting roads, the steering wheel felt much heaver when having to hold it cocked to the left. What I mean is, it felt like there was more "resistance" and the steering wheel wanted to go back to dead center or slightly right.

When the twisting roads would require steering input to the right, the steering wheel felt much lighter and less wanting to return to the dead center position.

I check the tires and filled them with air so they were all the same prior to this little road test.

Something doesn't seem right (no pun intended!), maybe it's all in my head..

Is it possible for something to be damaged even if the alignment appears to be perfect? Or with the alignment spec sheet that I posted can we rule that possibility out? I'm starting to run out of ideas of what it could be. I replaced the driver sides wheels (both front and rear) so the wheels should be perfectly fine, unless the didn't balance them properly.

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Put it in PTM 5 and it will hold a straight line...
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