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Originally Posted by tom_vilsack View Post
this is just plain have you learned nothing? for 1k,make the car better,safer,faster...don't give us some emblem,stickers etc...

(prepares for incoming) if your going to make a movie car,look over your shoulder and see how ford did it....

and just how much more did that package cost?

Originally Posted by whitetiger777 View Post
Not according to the guys who were loading them up.
and im sure the guys loading the car on and off the trailer were the exact same guys that BUILT the car.

Originally Posted by Brokinarrow View Post
guarantee this will still sell well. they'd be stupid NOT to cash in on the Transformers publicity.

yes it does seem like a waste of time to some people, but there are plenty more people out there who will love the idea of a transformers package from the factory/dealer for an extra thousand. with custom door sills, embroidery work, and stripes on your own you are looking at spending a lot more than $1000.00

I understand a lot of people dont like it, and thats fine, but just remember, the thousands of average people who dont frequent forums that buy this package (and the Camaro to begin with) are what keeps this car alive. I like the availability of "little" packages like this as it widens the available list of customers for GM.
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