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ehhh....I would want to see something closer to the real color of bumblebee. I saw the posts for how expensive, but the should do a color that is similar but not as elaborate. I dont know what goes into the actual bumblebee paint, but have a slight orange tint to the yellow and that would have me satisfied. (yellow orange). I would buy the centercaps for the wheels, but to have a true transformer...its not gonna draw attention to itself. Only those who know something about t-formers would know whats up.

The tranformers on the hood is hooky to me. door seels? fender emblem? ehhh...I would paint the emblem on the car first, but it would be subtle, and also with color changing paint (a nod to the toys of the 80's, where youd rub the emblem and your body heat would show a decepticon or autobot logo.
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