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Originally Posted by Doc View Post
Those pictures of the actual Bumblecar show thin mirrors and side marker lights which indicate these (this) is a concept car, not a production car. I simply do not believe if this was indeed a pre-type of the 2012 Camaro they'd go backwards and put mirrors and side lights they've already abandoned. Fbodfather saying these cars were concept car bodies fits the photos, regardless of what "the guys loading" them said.

I'd also be curious as to how much paint does it take to paint one of these cars? $5000 Canadian ($4500 U.S.) seems like a lot just for some paint. Granted this is a pearl and not ordinary but wouldn't it certainly cost less in the quantities needed for production? I'm assuming it would take less paint to do this at the factory than have to prep and repaint a car.

If GM could do the body panels, proper paint and stripes as the Bumblebee car, I think they could charge $6k extra and if done right, it would sell. How many I don't know; I thought blue cars would sell in much greater quantities than they have... lol.

Speaking of colors here are some snaps of Bumblebee's PBC30 color, and a few others I thought would look great on a Camaro:

is the orange one the same color from the concept convertible...hmm 5000 dollars ain't so bad
I think i flip flopped on the ss looks good really does
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