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Originally Posted by snackbar64 View Post
Great video. Still not worth my Mylink radio or the snowball AC. I am really interested in seeing who will actually man up and give up their ZL1 for one. No radio is one thing, but no AC will make a thug cry. Great looking machine nonetheless.
Well you know Its not like the dealers are not going to order some of them without AC in the lower hotter states like tx,la,&fla..its about 800 bucks or something to add ac to the thing I think maybe a grand.
its just a option..I would just check the box that adds AC and drive it,as far as a stereo its not a big deal to spend a grand and install one afterwards..
my biggest hick up about it is that the 6speed Auto is not a option,if the ZL1 can run at the track with paddles why couldnt the Z28 have it as a option..
just for those that dont know its not that i was not able to drive a stick before,but I have to use hand controls now and have no choice in the matter..
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