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SO who is really going to man up on a Z28

YES there are going to be those of us that want to get a Z28 as their next car,and will get it as a second or third car,But who is really going to trade in a ZL1 or a ss you have spent money on making it your own
Just think of everything your giving up ?

We looked at every subsystem for opportunities to save weight,” said Oppenheiser. “Our goal was to get rid of everything that didn’t make the car faster, and keep only what was required by law. For example, we wanted to eliminate the audio system completely, but we had to keep a single speaker for the seat-belt chime to meet safety requirements.”
Examples of weight saving techniques include:
Eliminated the tire-inflator kit, except for Rhode Island and New Hampshire, where it is required by law
Removed interior sound deadener, and carpeting from the trunk
Replaced the standard LN4 battery with a smaller, lightweight, LN3 battery
Specified thinner, 3.2-mm glass for the rear window, compared to 3.5-mm glass on the standard Camaro
HID headlamps and foglights are not available
Air conditioning is only available as a stand-alone option
“The team was so fanatical about saving weight, we even stripped the unused wiring out of the harness when we eliminated the fog lights, speakers, and air conditioning,” said Oppenheiser. “Every ounce saved contributed to making this the most track-capable Camaro we have ever built, and a worthy successor to the Z/28 name.

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just think of the pain in the butt its going to be to try to make it a good street car again,track car yes..but no HID ? no cool halo lights ?lol its a lot to give up ?
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