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Originally Posted by NightmareZL1 View Post
Bingo! Couldn't agree more.

This whole Z28 thing reminds me of the Civic and Civic Si.. Honda got Civic customers to fork out more dough for the "race" Civic SI - You can put go fast stuff on a non-race car, and it is still not a race car. Still, kids praised the SI as the racer/ricer holy grail. These fanboys are convinced the Z28 is a racecar, forgetting that the True GM race car is the Z06/Z07.
Is it not the same as saying why buy a ZL1 if you have an SS, slap a supercharger on it and it is the same car. I love my ZL1 and think it is a great car just as I do the Z/28. Anybody that knocks either is a tool.

The people that will buy the car don't car about the cost, they don't care that it doesn't have a radio, they don't care that it doesn't have 580hp. Most do care that stock vs stock as it leaves the factory floor it will beat the ZL1 on any circuit track quite handily.
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