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And after slapping the case together, installed a USB Bluetooth Dongle, and a Dual Band N WIFI Dongle:

There's lots of ports for expansion, as I add more devices down the road:

I modified the Metra kit to fit an 8" HDMI touchscreen, HDMI and Composite TFT driver board with auto video switching so I could switch from PC to Backup Camera whe I put the tranny in reverse, a Joycon programmable steering wheel button interface, and an intellegent 80W DC-DC converter to provide computer grade power for the screen and electronics:

I mounted the PC, Amps, Cap, and Sound Processor behind the seat and on the backside of the SUB box. Everything here is powered from a second Stinger Battery when the engine is off, and isolation opens up after the engine is started:

I have both a 1 Farad cap and a backup battery. The cap is just to make extra sure I don't have any power dips that could cause the PC to reset. Here is the batteries and isolation solenoid:

Here is the 8" touchscreen mounted in the metra dash kit:
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