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Originally Posted by NightmareZL1 View Post
Different facial expressions too.

ZL1 guys will be smiling while driving their lambo Killers, while Z28 owners will stare at theirs in the garage and imagine it going fast at a track. - but they will know they are better than the ZL1 guys.

Or, the Zl1 guys will be laughing light to light, as the Z28 guy sulks because his "king camaro" can't keep up with a ZL1 - But, he will know his Z28 is really the faster car.

Or, the ZL1 guys will smile ear to ear as they get huge power increases from simply bolt ons, while Z28 guys scratch their brows and wonder why, $8000 in mods later, their car is not any faster. ( I have put many bolt ons to a LS7 engine, not much more power until you get inside the motor - or put a blower on it...)

More and more, I cannot wait to see these overpriced, under equipped, lightened but still really heavy, slower camaros on the road.
More than likely, someone sophisticated enough to appreciate a Z28 will be more than happy to let the ZL1 knuckledraggers duke it out illegally on the street whereas they'll exercise their car out in the proper venue that it was built for.

I also have the sinking suspicion the Z28 is going to have much more collector's value a few dozen years from now than the ZL1 will. For those of you that get off on that kind of stuff....

Haha a lot of hate from this guy above^^^^^. Really upset GM calls the Z28 the king camaro huh.
The hurt feelings are almost palpable. They're both cool cars, I don't understand why people feel the need to be so juvenile about it.
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