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Did your dealer reprogram the body control module (BCM)?

Originally Posted by jasonfichter View Post
No aftermarket stereo. And no the footwell lights are fine. I followed instructions I found on here exaclty it is only a power and a ground. If the car was always wired wrong would it always have problems. There seems to be a wave of alot of problems that comes on very quickly but doesnt leave quick at all.
So it's an intermittent issue. Ack.
You can never get that to show up when you need it.

My fob does work and the doors do lock with the key just not with the lock or the button. it locks at first then it unlocks.
Usually that's when it thinks a key is in the ignition. But then the FOB shouldn't work.

If it's on and off all I can think of is an intermittent short or maybe an impedance. Are the light wires a twisted pair?

Maybe the service center can swap the BCM as a test.
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