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Originally Posted by mkorgan View Post
So, I love the Z/28 but I am now a "knuckledragger" because I own a ZL1? WTF?? To all of you who think that those of us who own ZL1's are in some way, shape, or form intimidated or upset that Chevy built the Z/ me a favor....GET OVER YOURSELF. I love the Z/28 and I love my ZL1. I think there are legitimate conversation that can be made as to why some things were done or the merit of one over the other in the case of a DD or only track applications but DAMN...What happen to someone expressing an opinion without being labeled a hater or knuckledragger in this case. If you do not like what this person says and want to engage him directly then PM him. Otherwise, be care throwing everyone into the same classification of ZL1 owner PLEASE!! And coming from a guy with COBRA in his user you have a dog in this fight? I already know why you are cranky so move along please.
I think OP was orienting his comments towards the "NightmareZL1" posters of the world. I was agreeing with the comments in that context.

If you own a ZL1 and appreciate the Z/28 for what it is, then you are obviously among the sophisticated :-)

I like both cars for what they offer and their mission in life. As a high-performance street GT, the ZL1 is an incredible package, I've never said a negative comment about it.

PS- posters talking about duking it out at stoplights (light to light) are being nicely referred to as a "knuckledragger". If all a person can do is brag about pressing the gas pedal in a straight line, that is pretty pathetic. I'd invite them to visit their local road-course and enter into a Time-Trial if they think they have skills aside from posting smack. Lap times talk, BS walks.
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