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I really think they misinterpreted what we (the masses) wanted. Back when they made a replica of the smokey and the bandit cars, it was just that, a replica. It didn't have the movie title writtin anywhere on it. Simply put, we fell in love with the car (bumblebee) in the movie, not the movie with the car in it. I really hope this is still on the drawing board, and they can go back and see what we were really asking for.

It's funny, back when this was all just a rumor, someone said it was running behind because they were having trouble getting the license for the TF emblom. I thought to myself, why are the needing the emblom, it wasn't on the car (except for the classic version). I now see what they were reffering to.

GM, this just isn't what we were dreaming of (and I say that with a very personal and strong sense). Please take it back to the drawing board, and just give us BB as is. We want the car, not the movie. As far as the paint color goes, I wish people would stop thinking we need the exact BB color. Just make it a slightly darker pearlish yellow. If you can make a pearl red, just a make a pearl yellow. It really is that simple isn't it.

You should keep in mind that as big as TF is, it won't always be that big. It will die down some day. I wouldn't want a car with all these logos on it if it wasn't the IN thing anymore. If it was just the BB setup, at least you could ride through the hey day of it all, then still have a cool car after it's all said and done. Imagine if someone was riding around in a TA with smokey and the bandits written all over it, you would just think, man, what a redneck. Instead, you still have a bunch of really nice black TA's with gold birds on them that speak for themselves.

Please, please, rethink this. I chose not to rip the car apart, but to just let you know what I, and many others were expecting.

On a side note. Now that I think about it, is this why the black ralley stripe ended up being flat black? So that they can reserve the glossy stripe for this car.
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