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Originally Posted by Bo White View Post
I'm waiting on mine from Kyle now. When I called him late last week he went over all three offerings with me so I could make an educated decision.
I would imagine that you have all your parts by now as long as UPS did their job.

Once you get everything installed let me know what you think, I would definitely appreciate any feedback you could give us.

Originally Posted by 10aSSee D View Post
I have all BMR suspension parts on mine and couldn't be happier, I'm over 650rwhp and have no problems at all. BMR FTW!!!
Thanks for the good words!

Originally Posted by camaro500 View Post
damn, i know pedders has a great reputation and maybe i should have waited. The issue was i didnt want to spend more than $600 on inserts, trailing arm and toe rods because im saving up for a cam package/conversion and either pedders or pfadt coilovers for spring 2014. I would love to buy the best of everything but cannot afford to. I will let you guys know how my parts perform if I have a chance to take my car for an alignment before winter. Montreal is already experiencing 0 degree weather at night. Thanks everybody for the feedback, much appreciated.
I don't imagine you will have any kind of issues with your BMR parts but if you do you can get a hold of me here or give me a call at the shop and we can get you squared away. When you get the parts installed let us know how everything works for you.
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