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Originally Posted by camarosspower View Post
I really don't think its my shocks because it doesn't sound like that on every bump. It actually sounds like something is loose. Is that possible . Do I need to re torque again??
Just go back check everything that was loosened up during the install and make sure it is all tight.

Originally Posted by JusticePete View Post
Most likely endlinks.
This could definitely be the case also. I would make sure the end links are tight and if they are see if there is any tolerance built up in the end links that shouldn't be.

Originally Posted by camarosspower View Post
Ok will do Pete. I noticed that the sound is coming from the strut towers. I have the car on jack stands. I lifted a tire with the floor jack and then dropped it. That's when I hear it. Ever since I lowered the car, the tower caps became like a 1/4 in separated from the tower. Is that normal?
Originally Posted by camarosspower View Post
O ok. So its not that? Is it suppose to hit?

The gap between the retaining washer and shock towers is normal because the retaining washer pivots back and forth when you turn the steering wheel. That gap was there when the car was had the factory springs also. If you don't get this figured out give me a call here at the shop and we can go over everything and get this figured out for you.
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