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Originally Posted by SmokedSS View Post
Need alignment help for a car that is mostly driven on the street but will see drag strip 2-3 times a year with 17x28x10 slicks and skinnies. Eibauch Pro 1" lowering springs, BMR Toe rod ends and BMR Trailing arms. 665rwhp, 659rwtq auto with 2800 stall.
This is straight forward.

Front Toe 0.00
Front Total Toe 0.00
Front Camber -1.00
Rear Toe IN +0.12
Rear Toe IN Total Toe +0.24
Rear Camber 0.00 or as close as you can get to 0.00

The only alignment issue you'll face is the range of the OEM Camber Eccentric. The OEM Camber Eccentric is good for 1 degree of adjustment. With you lowered Camaro the best you'll get is -.80. If you use my eXtreme Range Rear Camber Eccentric you'll have 2 degrees of adjustment allowing you to get to 0.00 or very close to 0.00.

Part Number HW-CAM8-R-CAM-ADJ

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