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Originally Posted by toehead93 View Post
Would you guys be happier with stock rotors and pads for street and Cobalt Friction pads for track days or CTS-V stock rotors and pads for street and track? I am planning on upgrading to CTS-V pads when my 1LE comes in but it is stretching what I'm willing to spend on brakes. Both options will cost me close to the exact same amount of money.

I will definitely run a few autoX and a few PDX events, one at Daytona and possibly 2 at Sebring (1 club & 1 full course). My local track PBIR may start a new program for cheap track time once a month.

I ran Hawk HP+ with RB rotors, braided lines at Daytona no problems. At the Sebring Club course I was fine for 119 minutes and 57 seconds of the (4) 20 minute sessions. Literally the brakes went on me as I was pulling off the track, the club course ends with a big stop from 120mph to a sharp hairpin turn. Too noisy for me on the street though, they never stopped squealing and screeching.
We have been using our slotted stock CTSV rotors with Hawk DTC -30 pads for the last two years one set on our 2010 SS camaro and our 2013 1LE. they work very well for track use.We also use Colbalt friction for heavy road racing they are very good,expensive and dirty but they stop very well.We also use SRF brake fluid in all of the cars we track at $80.00 a qt it is expensive but much cheaper than brake fade at the wrong place.
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