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Originally Posted by Firefighter View Post
That's something to consider. I'm trying to hit 500/500 though. I have in my mind (but I need to research things first) that I want to do the following...

1) Intake... I already have the ADM Race intake.
2) Ported TB... I already have a Vmax
3) Pfadt LT's... I plan on doing this in November with a tune.
4) Either Lingenfelter Ported heads or TFS GenX 255's.
5) Cam to be determined which one.
6) Depending on what happens at SEMA I'm interested in the new Dual Plenum intakes that are supposed to be released. As it stands the FAST doesn't offer enough improvement to justify the cost.

You know about my suspension and Aero plans. I've already got brakes covered. I'm thinking wheels might be in order to run 305's all around.

Just so you know if you meet my wife and she might want to hurt you because of the damage to my bank account your car has inspired... Yes I know I plan to go an extra step or two but it's all your fault. At least that's what I'm telling my wife....... LMAO!
Nice plan! If our ladies got together we'd both be in the doghouse! Mine is running thin on patience, but she wants to come out and watch me drive one day. So she's still cool, I just don't want to push her over the edge.

Here's what I did to keep peace- When I attended the Ron Fellows driving school, which is just outside of Vegas, we tacked on a weekend getaway for Vegas. She flew in Friday eve right after class and we had a blast in Vegas.
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