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Today I worked on getting the door speakers off the stock wires through the doors. I had detected some kind of quiet buzz from the tweeters when everything is off, and suspect the factory wiring is picking up noise from the factory amp. Currently the door speakers were tapped in to the a factory amp speaker out.

So goal is to first find a way to drill the door and door jamb for wires, and go with solder connections on the speakers instead of theose spade lugs that tend to vibrate and make poor connections over time.

I found a place to drill for door speaker wire passthrough. The wires don't get pinched, but I had to drill through 2 layers of metal, and could only get 1 grommet on:

I had to wrap electrical tape around 6 inches of the wire on the door jam side of the wire, then fish it through. It wedged inside the grommet pretty tight, and the tape is thick where the wire contacts the inner metal panel, about 1/4 inch back. The exit side is smooth, but I am going to find a bigger grommet for the oval pass through. I could also seal the holes with RTV, but I want to wait a year and see how robust the flexing of this wire is over time, and replace it if necessary.
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