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Originally Posted by DGthe3 View Post
You used two cars from the same model year for 1967, so it only makes sense to do the same thing for the 2014 Z/28. I'm not really sure how that doesn't make for a fair, honest, apples to apples comparison. If you don't think it does, well I can't really convince you and I'm not even going to try. Its your opinion, and thats that. And I'm not trying to twist anything, as you said I have no reason to.

But we've taken up a little too much space in this thread with our side-discussion. So lets agree that if a 1966 Corvette with as many go-fast goodies as you could tick off on the order sheet came in at around $5,400 ... the 67 Z/28 was about $3,500 ... the 2013 ZR1 tops out at $122k ... so the 2014 Z/28 would be around 79 grand.
Agree 100% .... the logic either way reveals the new Z/28 to settle in somewhere around the $70++ish K mark. My aim was to compare the Z/28 to the most expensive Vette.... I think a Vette within ONE year doesn't erode the premise. I think we agree on the justification for a moderately high price on the new Z/28. Final words as well. Thanks for listening. I just basically think there IS and the car will prove to be worth every penny! Wish I had some of them to enjoy.... will likely have to settle for the Stingray however! Need to expand garage!
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