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Originally Posted by mjwaldschm View Post
I am a first time poster but have been following the numerous threads for months on the progress of the 5thgen Camaro. Thanks so much to everyone for all the info. And I too am xnxiously awaiting its arrival!

May have convinced my husband and son to trailer his just finished restoration on his 1970 Z28 to Indy. Would be awesome for him to drive it on the Indy Track. While I get my first glimpse of my next car.

Anyways my question is how did GM selection individual for participation in the Focus Group for the Camaro development? Sorry if this was already published in a much earlier blog but I've searched and couldn't find the answer.

Also would like to know if rally stripes were part of the options discussed Milford experience?
The 15 were picked out of a group who submitted essays on a particular GM website. The essay (I believe) was no more than 500 words describing how you are a Camaro enthusiast. GM read them and picked their people to represent all types of Camaro buyers.
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