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Originally Posted by PMJ View Post
Last weekend was the Texas Mile in Beeville TX.

The trip there and check in went smooth:
Attachment 570492

I go to stage at 7am Saturday and let the engine warm up while I'm attaching cameras, setting up my laptop, and fortunately the guy behind me says I have smoke coming from under the hood.... Lord Jesus it's a Fire!

Attachment 570493

So back to the pits I go to assess the damage.
Attachment 570494

A few burnt wires...35 in that bundle...
Attachment 570496
Attachment 570495

Thank goodness there were lots of good folks to help me out. Stephan from Serious HP in Houston (where I do my Dyno'ing) spent hours w/me working on it. Cory from Henderson performance (Robert SSE 4 2SS's performance shop) help figure out the crank sensor wires. We ended up changing the tune to open loop as none of the O2 sensors were re-wired.

New wires being spliced in...
Attachment 570497

The car was ready to test drive right about dark. Test drive checked and I was ready for the next day. I was really fortunate Stephan and Cory were there to was forecast to rain Sunday, but the weather held and was a great day (maybe a little too hot, but I wasn't complaining).

Finally it was time to race!
Attachment 570498

The morning was a little foggy, so we got a late start...
Attachment 570499

Here is the video:

I didn't get my 200 mph...the stock transmission would not shift cleanly into 5th gear. I also don't think I had the power to quite get there. Here was my best MPH:
Attachment 570500

Brakes took a beating:
Attachment 570501

My updated mod wish list:
  • transmission that will shift clean in all gears - researching
  • Nitrous - debating dry or wet shot
    • This may require a fuel system upgrade
  • 2.9 or 3.07 gears (the 3.27 may run out on me) - still debating
  • exhaust cutouts
  • R1 Concepts Drilled and Slotted Rotors
  • Hawk HPS Brake Pads
If you what a deal on a dry kit let me know.
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