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Originally Posted by hognutz View Post
I have my two daughters back there all the time. so that is the purpose. I just call my daugher daisy bobbi cause she like to go fast and it gives her two first names.

I had a Z06 before this and I could go with one daugter in the front. second kid was the tipping point for ditching the vette. I would rather actually be able to use my car I spent a pile of money on.

vett's are a bit low too to be practical where I live. I don't live in the city there are places I just could not really take my vette for fear of scraping up the rockers. the zl1 is not that tall but that last 1-2" is night and day. my Z06 would scrap the air damn just pulling into my shop.

I would still buy a C7 if I came into some extra mad money though. love the car.
Yeah I can understand that for sure. I'm just more of a peace and quiet type, so I prefer to be alone in the car or if my husband feels he has to come along I'll usually stick him in the trunk. If he can keep his trap shut, especially about my driving, I may let him ride in the passenger seat. But I will definitely have the Stun Gun and duct tape in arms reach......just incase!

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