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Patience is wearing thin...

Today is 10 days that my Camaro has been in the shop with a list of issues.

Most weren't too serious and many here have posted about some of the same problems. Like paint chipping from the bumper on the rear quarter panel. And the trunk not opening all the time. Plus the noise at 2K+ RPM that comes from behind the glove box.

Mine also has an engine whine that seemed to be an air leak in the exhaust system under the hood area. And the XM radio is cutting out when driving North and the sunroof is open.

Then the major issue which was the reason it visited the service center was a vibration in the rear that started at 3,200 miles. Any time there is any stress put on the transmission/gears such as accelerating normally or ascending a hill while driving down the highway, the rear end vibrates. If you try to give it any power at all, the rear feels like it's going to come apart.

It took the dealer/GM 7 days to finally decide to put a new rear-end on it. Didn't fix the problem. Three days later, I still can't get any new information from the service department about the issue other than "we've been talking to GM about it."

Plus, they can't tell me if they've resolved any of the other issues either...

Sorry for the rant. I've held it in as long as I could. But, 25% of the time I've owned this car, it's been in the shop.

This is my first Chevy (always been a Ford guy), and this isn't looking good right now. :upset:

I hope this gets fixed soon and I forget this ever happened.
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