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Originally Posted by BlownSS View Post
Its not a matter of having a problem with paying for something I break or something that is reg maintenance...its when its somebody else's fault for a known problem. I received a message from a Magnusson rep the other day that states that they did/do know of the problem but unfortunately it is a "no labor" warranty.......
It does suck... but every supercharger company is that way. Some do sell a total powertrain warranty which would have covered labor which you did not have. Sure It's easy for a company to save face and pay for install on something that cost 100-200 dollars but superchargers cost 10X that and an Easy way to be out of business.

Some Companies would not have even sent you the part since you are not the original buyer of the supercharger.

My wife has a 09 yukon SLT that are known to have problems with door lock actuators. The car is less than 5k miles out of the bumper to bumper warranty and I've replaced 2 in the last few months. Does it suck Yes it does but It's just that way it is. Trust me all of us know it sucks I'm sure even Maggie people agree it sucks but if they did it for you they would have to do it for everyone that had a problem. That would be an Easy way to close up shop.
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