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aftermarket headlights

hey guys got these aftermarket headlights with the car and im not sure how to install them i didnt get instructions with them. there are 2 bulbs in each light. theres the regualr bulb and then theres a tiny one under it which is blue. the tiny one has a red and black wire coming from it. the main bulb has a clip with wires coming out of it. im guessing that installing them would be to take the clip with the wires hanging out , would be spliced into the main headlight wires. after i cut the old lightbulb socket off??? and the red and black wires would be spliced or t tapped into the parking lights to light up the little blue bulbs? i dont even know what brand they are so i cant contact the maker to get instructions. also i have 4 of these lihgts total. if i use all 4 then that means the little blue lights will light up on all of them while only the regular lights will be light up so id have to normal lights on and 4 little blue lights on. id think that would look rather silly any ideas would be greatly appreciated
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