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Originally Posted by Wollmank View Post
I'm pretty sure your car came with a handy manual. My manual states, do not drive over 80mph. Do not make hard starts or stops and do not pass 4000rpm for 1500 miles.
My 2012 2SS I drove it like I stole it with 18 miles on it. I was happy to get rid of that car just under 4k miles.
My new car 2014 2SS 1LE. I did exactly what I typed up top and I sure can go sideways when I hit second in this one. The other would just give a chirp. I personally think it made a big difference.
Oh and there is no need to change your oil until 5000 miles
Well you broke the 2nd one in wrong then. Lol. The owners manual is written for the lawyers not the health of the engine.
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