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I have used Zaino Products for 5 years now, and would say they are some of the best you can get. Have a C6 Corvette and was advised that this product was the best there was. So after 5 years I won't use anything else on my new Camaro. Had my car detailed right after delivery. Lots of spider webbing and didn't look as good as I thought it should. The guy who did it used only Zaino. Washed with Dawn dishwashing liquid, used the clay bar, and waxed. He did it in 2 hours, with an extra wax on the front and rear view mirrors, since that is where all the bugs like to collect. I like the detailing spray, He advised to spray it on then take all the gunk off with a detailing towel. You can get detailing towels with tags removed from Wal-Mart or Sam's club. I use the Absorber shammy to remove the water after washing, then polish off the rest with the detailing towels. You can mix the Zaino detailing spray with water to make it last longer. You can use the Zaino leather cleaner on plastic and vinyl items in you car, then follow up with the Zaino leather conditioner. Don't use a wheel cleaner, can use the detail mist or Stoners Invisible Glass, and you can also use the Zaino Z-5 wax on wheels. For the tires my guy suggested using the Zaino Perfect Tire Gloss. Doesn't make it too shiny, but good looking. Hope this isn't too much information and is helpful.
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