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Originally Posted by caverman View Post
Is the PF48R any better than a Mobil 1 or K&N filter?
The Mobil1 and K&N Filters are both manufactured by Champion Labs. I prefer the A/C Delco PF48R to either of those filters personally.

Originally Posted by Retro69 View Post
PM to Jordan to discuss this further
PM replied too!! Sorry for the delay!

Originally Posted by HRD_WRK View Post
someone above mentioned the oil pump failure didnt apply to L99s. the later consensus is the pumps fail from engine/cam failure - perhaps as a result of oil quality.


Is the L99 pump any different than the Ls3s?

Has there been stock oil pump failures of L99s with cams? Dont think an LS3 conversion is Required for All cams (VVT?)

Seems to me the pump could still fail as a result of a cam failure on a L99.

Also (mentioned in one of my other threads):

Any reason besides cost why one shouldnt run a higher zinc oil such as the Joe gibbs LS30, even if the car isnt cammed (stock internals)?
I've seen the pumps fail in both LS3 and L99 applications although they seem more common with the LS3..

It certainly won't hurt to run a higher quality oil in any application.

Originally Posted by gr8daneh View Post
Picked the car up on Friday. Now running stage two JDP grind and making 456 RWHP and 418 RWTQ. I am happy to have my baby back and will be changing oil more frequently!

Thanks for the lively discussion on this thread everyone. I hope no one has to go through this expense and at least takes away some learnings from my experience.

Thanks to Jordan and Jeremy at JDP Motorsports for the outstanding support and quick turn around of "UGO2SLO"!

She is running like a champ! I'm glad we were able to get her turned around quickly, Dane! Thank you for your support and I'll see you soon!

Originally Posted by kevint View Post
If I remember correctly, the oil pumps on the L99 can provide the higher pressure/flow required to modulate the cam phasing.
That is correct!

Originally Posted by SolomonAKOO View Post
Dane what's the grind on the JDP stage II cam?
Solomon - It is our 231/247 camshaft.

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