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Originally Posted by He11bent View Post
I used 303 on my old top but two weeks ago I used the BMW convertible fabric protectorant on my new lid and I am very impressed. My boss had a 'vert BMW and he is very OCD about his cars. We discussed what he uses and that I had bought 303.

I think the application is much more robust so it protects better. First you take the entire bottle and dump it in 2.5 liters of water, park the car in the shade, make sure the top is clean and use a sponge to saturate the fabric. I kept doing this until all of the solution was gone. Then park in it the sun and let it dry. That was it.

Never got water to bead like this with spraying 303 on the cloth. Heck, it didnt bead up much when it was new! BTW my new top was 1 year old in August.
I took the 303 and put it in a bucket, I then used a sponge and sponged it on making sure it soaked into the fabric. After it dried it beaded water just like wax on the paint. You cannot just spray it on.
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