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Originally Posted by lscamaro View Post
If the 5.0 isn't stock or close to stock, two words for you... good luck.

If it is stock, it's still going to be hard to do mostly because you have a manual. Manual and big power tend to break things so chances are you'd have to either replace axles or hope they don't break if you spray from the line. If you go SC, you'll have to drive the hell out of your car if you want to win from a dig. The SC doesn't make a lot of low end torque so he'll get you out of the hole. At that point, your just praying that you have enough top end to beat him.
Agree. The manual doesn't seem to want to hold up to nitrous or forced induction for long before you have to replace it. Yes...he would have to drive like a pro to pull off the win...unless of course the other guy can't drive at all either.
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