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Originally Posted by littlecammi View Post
I think it's great that people have different tastes in various things. I knew the C7 was coming and waited to see the first actual pics before ordering my '13 ZL1 late in the model year (price would have been about the same for a C7 as for my ZL1). I respect the technology and performance, but I don't like the C7 styling at all (of course, nothing will ever look as good as the '63 to '67 mid-years).
Only in America! I hear ya, its great that we so many choices in cars. I've never been one that buys only this brand just because, I buy whatever type of vehicle I just love everything about, and the new Stingray has really caught my eye. Never had a vette before, always thought they looked pretty good, but not good enough that I'd consider buying one, until now! I'd still have to get behind the wheel and see how everything feels and handles. I definitely understand how you feel about the ZL1! I drove thru the dealership once a week when it first came out just dying to see one and then finally one came in, it was love at first sight! After a test drive I'll park them side by side and do several walk rounds to really really look them both over at the time! I do love my ZL1! Or as I like to call her "The Devil's Nightmare".

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