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Originally Posted by GretchenGotGrowl View Post
Don't give up on the LLT. I know that sounds hypocritical coming from me, but think about this. We can tune the LFX, but what did we end up doing? When we ran out of fuel we added the supplemental fuel system. The tune is the same when we use the supplemental fuel as well as when we run just on the HPFP at lower boost. So, if you can get a good tune using the HPFP, then you can use a setup like mine to get more boost.

Here's how today went. We started out at 50% duty cycle on the turbos and just the HPFP. We kept upping the boost until we ran out of fuel that way, then we turned on the supplemental fuel and added boost until we got the AFR back to a good level. When we first turned it on at 60% duty cycle the AFR was 10.0. At 70% duty cycle it was 11.5 (still a little rich, but making good power). We made NO changes to the tune at all, just upped the boost. I don't see why you can't do that with the LLT, too.
Congrats what you are doing is amazing . Cant wait to see some vids ,
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