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I could go on and on about how terrible the drivers in Florida are. A lot of the drivers feel the need to live on the edge and just swerve into another lane without looking. Others feel the need to do 90 in 45 zones, and then there are those that do 20 in 55 zones. I love it when you go to pass them and you look down and you are doing 120, and they are still besides you. I also love it when you are at a light, and soon after the left/right lane has to merge, so they decide to try and pass you. As someone mentioned before, the people who stop to talk to others, yeah that pisses me off as well. Another thing I hate is the morons that go to my college. They insist on ignoring stop signs. The city commute here is bad. I can drive 30 miles in around 35-45 mins pending on lights, in the morning its more like 1 1/2 hrs, maybe 2. During the lunch rush it's still pretty bad, and for the rush hour commute in the evening its pretty bad as well. The highways are no better. You either get stuck behind someone doing 30 in a 75 zone, or are doing 100 just so you dont get ran over. Florida at it's best.
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