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So today i start the redesign on the Clutch Fluid reservoir to fix the mix of brake and Clutch Fluid, I am not to happy to see this in our camaro's and not on any C6 out there or G8's, So i want down to my GM parts Dealer and did some home work, We looked at C6 and G8 put the problem with them is that you can not buy the reservoir by its self only with the Clutch master cylinder, So he is also a FORD dealer and we found a Clutch Fluid reservoir from a F-150 or F-250 that had the mounting hardware to mount on the car but it WAS A FORD (And it was also $65 that is to mach on that part) And this is a Camaro, Than i said how a about a GTO so he looks it up and it has the reservoir by its self so he looks up the $ for the part and it only list's for $19.33 for one and i get a better price, Lats say lower than $15.00 for me, And because this is a GTO the part is a Holden LTD part and maid in Germany, This will fix two things.

#1 No more mixing of brake and Clutch Fluid, And i will go to Dot 4 on the Clutch Fluid.

#2 no way to contaminant you brake Fluid from you Clutch Fluid, And than you do not have to pay to rebuild you ABS in 3-5 years If you drive it as a DD

So her is a pic of the reservoir
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