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Originally Posted by KMPrenger View Post
You can beat a 5.0...but you have an LLT which makes it harder to do. It won't be easy. (mostly because of a lack of tuning options) The 2012 and up models have an LFX engine...pretty close to the LLT but with some updates and better tuning options and thus more options for power. A twin turbo on the LFX could woop a 5.0 for sure.

But you have an LLT. Because of that you only have two options.

1) Nitrous. There are a couple LLTs that have gone well into the 12s and even one that has gone into the high 11s at the quarter mile with a what I think was a 100 - 120 shot, a couple minor bolt ons (intake/exhaust) and Drag Radials on the rear, skinnies on the front. You'd have an great chance on wooping up on a stock 5.0 with that setup.

2) IPF supercharger. This is the only real option for forced induction on the LLT. You'll get somewhere between 425 to 475 crank horsepower depending on your other mods with this kit. It screams up top and you'd likely be able to run with or pull away from a stock 5.0 from a roll. The problem is that it doesn't make a lot of power in the lower part of the rpms, so if you went from a dig the 5.0 would still likely get you. Of course, again if you had sticky tires and such that makes a big difference. We've seen a V6 run as low as a 12.8 with just this kit installed an not much else but you should expect mid to low 13 second for an average run with this kit.

So there you have it. Thats your options.....or just get a V8 but even then thats no guarantee you'll beat the 5.0. You'll need mods to guarantee it...if well if the 5.0 is not stock then all bets go out the window.

Thanks I will go talk to the local Car shops like "RMCR" and ask about tuning since that seems to be a real issue. Based on what he says I will know which route to go. 1 more question was that NAS wet or dry shot. huge difference in set up.
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