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Originally Posted by vroomapunk View Post
Genius on how you fit every COTW from the year in it. No broken hearts hahaa


We KNEW we were going to have complaints here and there. No thanks... Seriously... We did the very best we could and I sure hope everyone loves it.
Originally Posted by tramtwo View Post
Great job... but why you no have green car of the week?
Because SOMEONE couldn't get a pic to us in time!!!!! That person will have to be in next years calendar. :( And yeah...that's a certain November car....
Originally Posted by San2cci View Post
Hello Mr. Tag Ur It,
Is there any way to guarantee these shipped well before Christmas?
This is exactly why we are working SO hard on them now. We want to get this off today if not tomorrow and yes, I'm paying for expedited printing and shipping. The faster we get them, the quicker we can turn around and ship them out. believe me when I say when they get to our location, we will be sending them right back out same day if not next day. I'm sure we are going to have TONS to send out so we will be printing shipping labels and all so we can get them right in the mail. They said 3 weeks to get here. That puts us really close.
Originally Posted by San2cci View Post
I wish they had the option of adding your Camaro to one of the months...that would be great.
Do your best to get some awesome shots and get that build thread link copied to the "submit your car for COTW thread" and cross your fingers. If you get COTW, I'm sure you will be in the next calendar. The better the pix, the better the chance at getting the main page.
Originally Posted by angie7 View Post
Thank you guys for putting this together and putting my beloved Camaro, Powder in the calendar!! I will be placing my order for multiple calendars in just a few days! Congrats to everyone that is featured in it!!

Someone asked if this has holidays, etc in it so I was wondering if it does?

Thanks again guys!!!!! Glad to make C5 history
You are very welcome. AND......You....have one AWESOME Camaro. You did all the work on that YOURSELF?!!? Dayum, girl!!!
Originally Posted by Padre View Post

hey...that sig pic looks familiar...
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