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If you're not ordering a 1LE or ZL1, don't worry about it, it does not affect you. It certainly isn't affecting me. I got mine.

Doesn't matter if YOU can drive year round. The cars don't sit in climate controlled comfort in Oshawa. They're OUTSIDE...and in Oshawa, if you haven't got the memo yet...gets COLD. So cold it can affect the tire situation.

GM is not going to play musical chairs with tires. If you don't like it, then wait until spring and put in your order. You can probably place an order with your dealer now and in February, they'll make yours.

It's out of your hands, and if you think you can change it, don't. Because you can't. The word has come down from the mountain. Get over it, get on with life. Go find a cure for cancer or something. It's a higher priority than ZL1/1LE orders.
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