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Originally Posted by OperativeXIV View Post
This makes me wonder what you're supposed to do if you take a weekend drive up to the mountains or something and it's a bit nippy outside? Do you get winter tires and put them on if there's a chance you'll see colder weather? Or is there a bit of hyperbole in this (and GM's) statement and it's fine for driving around as long as you're not trying to break records at the drag strip?
I've driven on the tires in every non-damaging condition imaginable (see: above 30)...If the temperature falls below 45...traction is SEVERELY compromised...just a little too much throttle and the car slides around. BUT!! If you're careful and knowledgable - you can drive the car. The concern becomes "what if you need to perform an emergency maneuver?", take that for what you will.
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