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Originally Posted by papsz View Post
I have a hard time believing GM would suspend production of $55000.00 cars because of tires unless they are obligated to mount GY F1s. My 13 was loaded to rail from Oshawa and transported via truck late January, then tested by the dealer Feb. 1, as as result the tires were severly cracked before I took delivery. Of course no one knew about the tires
at the dealership. It is my opinion the GM really layed an egg with these tires and now won't produce the cars because of them. How about all of the folks in the south that just have to wait
If you paid $55000 for a car that was supposed to come with supercar performance tires but then because you ordered it in the winter they put a set of mud and snow rated tires on it you would be ranting because you didn't get what you were supposed to get..
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